26 June 2008 @ 06:04 pm
(Berserk) WIP  
Guts had lost track of himself as he stared at the irregular patterns of the dungeon walls. Flame still flickered on the stone, catching Griffith's hair until it was gold-hued. Sometimes after they'd fucked, Guts would keep the metallic strands and play with them, winding them around his index finger or tossing them in the air only to watch them float away. Griffith's hair a remnant of another night worth of losing himself.

Griffith sucked on the sensitive skin of his scrotum and it was all Guts could do to brace himself against the iron gate Griffith had shifted him to. The chains on his wrists were ever present and Guts' pulled against them when Griffith would sit back on his heels, the warmth of his mouth no longer around Guts' cock.

"Tell me what you want." It was a demand issued in a soft, amused voice and Guts would always bite his lip hard enough to draw blood before Griffith forced an answer out of him. Griffith's hand traced lazily the lines of Guts' hips, down his thighs and back up to almost touch Guts' aching erection. Griffith smiled and blew air lightly against the tip, forcing Gut's dick to twitch painfully.

Guts licked his lips, writhing against the gate, forcing the chains to rattle mockingly. "Just do it."

Griffith settled onto his knees again and wrapped a hand around the base of Guts' cock as he sucked on the index finger and forefinger of his other hand. Guts wanted to look away, especially when those two slicked up fingers found their way to his asshole and the pad of Griffith's finger teased at his entrance. Guts had acquired the bad habit of holding his breath right before penetration, something that hadn't escaped Griffith's attention and which was constantly being used to his disadvantage. Griffith found it endlessly entertaining to watch Guts gasp for air as he sunk his dick into him.

Griffith's mouth was wrapped around him and Guts' chest was nearly full to bursting with air but he kept waiting for it, for the moment when Griffith's fingers found their way inside of him, stretching him out for what was to come later. But they never did and it wasn't until Griffith could see the panic displayed fully on Guts' face, not until Guts let out a long-held breath that Griffith slipped a finger in. Guts's sphincter tightened around him as he let out a groan. Griffith pulled at the chain attached to Guts' throat to get his attention back on him.

"You like me inside of you, don't you, Guts? You want it so much that you hold your breath every time. Maybe I should just leave you here," Griffith worked a second finger inside of him. "Maybe I should just put a ring on you and walk away. Will you admit that you want me then? When you're so consumed with lust that I could shove anything inside of you and make you come?"

Guts shuddered, the muscles of along his shoulders and back rippling as he struggled against the chains. Griffith smiled again as Guts pistoned his hips forward and obligingly opened his mouth to take in Guts' cock. It had already been too much and as Griffith's fingers worked their way in and out of him, Guts spasmed and instead of moving away, Griffith let him come in his mouth.

Guts' head was spinning when Griffith stood up and forced him down for a kiss, sharing the taste of Guts' come with him. Griffith's tongue slid along his, sharing the proof of Guts' lust and Guts tilted his head down into the kiss, lips still bleeding. It was always the same. Always in the moment right after orgasm he would find himself willing and pliant against Griffith's touch.

And he hated him for it.
18 June 2008 @ 10:26 pm
(Fic) Berserk | "With mouth parted"  
I've never settled on a fic posting format so I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to warn about or what, man. I wrote this ages ago but didn't have the guts (lol) to post it but I promised [ profile] tl__dr that I would do it tonight, so here it is.

Griffith/Guts, pwp (!!!), short (like drabble length) and idk, warnings for rough sex, etc? idk guys.

'Brace yourself against the wall' )
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