18 June 2008 @ 10:26 pm
(Fic) Berserk | "With mouth parted"  
I've never settled on a fic posting format so I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to warn about or what, man. I wrote this ages ago but didn't have the guts (lol) to post it but I promised [livejournal.com profile] tl__dr that I would do it tonight, so here it is.

Griffith/Guts, pwp (!!!), short (like drabble length) and idk, warnings for rough sex, etc? idk guys.

• • •

W I T H   M O U T H   P A R T E D

Rattle against the stone

The room had been awash with flickering lights, the licking flames of the lanterns had cast everything in shadows and given Griffith's hair even more of a golden sheen. It had been surreal, the setting so painterly that Guts had looked up from his position on the floor several times expecting to wake up at any moment.

That first time, shoulder still thrumming from it having been dislocated, Guts had spread his legs, trembling when Griffith knelt over him and watched as Guts' prepared himself. The thought of shoving his fingers inside of himself was terrifying enough but having Griffith study him while he did it, having Griffith overpowering him so easily, catching every whimper and intake of breath was mortifying.

I can't do this, I can't do this. It was too much, his throat was clamping up painfully as he tensed up and it fucking hurt but it was enough to open his eyes and see Griffith's face, mouth parted invitingly, keeping Guts hard despite the pain. He had one finger in and he didn't think he could do another.

"Keep going." Griffith's voice was a scrape of teeth along his earlobe - no reassuring caresses, not a single kiss until Guts did what he was told.

When he'd had two fingers in and began to slowly stretch himself out, he grabbed onto Griffith's shoulder with his free hand, biting his lip until his mouth was red with blood. Guts realized it was the first time Griffith kissed him, when his mouth was bleeding, when he had two fingers in his ass. Guts almost came from just a kiss. The shift from frigid to soft that Griffith used on him was unnerving. The way Griffith guided Guts' fingers further inside as he deepened their kiss - it was like all he wanted to do was swallow Guts' scream.

His fingers were up to the hilt, his breathing somewhat erratic as he tried to get used to it. Fuck fuck fuck.

"It hurts and yet you're so hard I think I could make you come just by wrapping my hand around you, Guts." Griffith traced the muscles of his abdomen, index finger following the trail of hair from his navel down. "If it's too much just stand up and brace yourself against the wall," he gestured with a hand.

It was awkward standing and Guts barely managed to place both hands against the stone wall when Griffith kicked his feet further apart, going on tip-toe to breath against his neck. "Why don't you scream for me?" Griffith's grip on Guts' hips was bruising when Guts felt his cock slide against the cleft of his ass. Guts felt his knees buckle slightly as he held his breath, trying to ready himself. But instead of what he expected, he suddenly felt cold leather wrap around his wrists.

Chains. The fucking bastard was putting him in chains.

"What the fuck are you do-"

As Guts struggled angrily, making the chains rattle against the stone, Griffith plunged into him. He'd been steeling himself not to cry out, to refuse Griffith at least that but it was useless. He tugged on the chains half-heartedly, resting his cheek against the cold wall as Griffith slipped in and out of him. The sound was sickening, that fleshy sound coupled with Griffith's hand wrapped around his cock, finger teasing the entrance of his urethra but Guts came despite the pain, body spasming when Griffith bit his back, ramming into him, forcing Guts' body to the wall. Guts' arms were scraped and he was bleeding, every time Griffith slammed into him it was another degree of pain but it felt good. It felt good having a cock in him, it felt good to have Griffith play with him, to have him lick the sweat off his skin, to dig fingernails not so gently into his flesh.

Guts realized he liked being thrown against the wall as he whimpered. Liked feeling Griffith hard and impossibly large inside him, liked it so much he came a second time, listening to the nearly inaudible gasps of Griffith's orgasm.
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You can post it to [livejournal.com profile] berserk_fic!! :D

Ummmmm also this is lame but the keywords on your icon made me "AWWW" out loud......awwwwww.
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\o/ Will do!

It made me awww too, no worries. There needs to be a fic that explores the concept, srsly.
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